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Project Admission works directly with the live event industry

We expand opportunities around the ticket and capture more value before, during, and after an event.

Phone with Awesimo website displayed Web browser showing an interface to purchase Arizona Cardinals tickets

Used by professional sports teams, leagues, artists, theaters, venues, and more.

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Directly Integrated

By directly integrating with ticketing systems, we help our partners reach new audiences, capture downstream revenue, and collect actionable data, all while providing a seamless experience for fans.

Project Admission powers the future of ticketing to grow the GDP of the entire live events market.

  1. Reach new audiences with fully customized sales channels for rights holders, venues, brands, and more.

    Screenshot of the MNUFC online storefront
  2. Our inventory management system caters to the most demanding box office needs.

    Inventory is simultaneously available and configurable across multiple sales channels

    Import preconfigured holds, recipient emails, and more

    Supports distribution of free and purchased tickets

    Example of the seating and tickets for a New Orleans Pelicans home game
  3. Incentivize your fanbase and organically reach new audiences.

    Engage influencers & street teams to be a part of the selling process

    Customizable group sales tools

    Engage brands & partners with Personalized Sales Campaigns

    Example of the Cleveland Cavaliers storefront ticket listing
  4. Best-in-class distribution tool used by teams across the major leagues.

    Example of the Project Admission direct transfer interface

    Transfer thousands of tickets with a few simple clicks and save valuable employee hours

    Take the headache out of managing large groups for valued clients, partners & sponsors

    Data flows back into the primary ticketing system

    The Project Admission direct transfer interface with highlighted tickets
  5. Find partners, and then easily share and distribute season tickets. Learn more about Split Season Tickets

    Automate ingestion and distribution of tickets
    Minnesota Wild logo
    Provide sales reps with valuable tools
    San Francisco Giants logo
    Make it easier for corporate ticket partners
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Awesimo, powered by Project Admission, bridges the existing ticketing & live event markets to web3, and unlocks additional opportunities for fan engagement throughout the event.

  1. 1:1 digital twins of actual live event tickets.

    Tap & spin them on your phone. Our interactive assets create emotionally engaging experiences. Just like the memories they represent.

    Phil Lesh / Capitol Theatre awesimo
    Racing Louisville awesimo
  2. Hooked directly into the ticket buying experience & existing industry’s infrastructure, pair every sale with a digital twin. Then extend their use with gating, access control, and engagement opportunities.

    Screen showing an Awesimo email to claim a collectible
    Screen showing an Awesimo page to claim a collectible
  3. Engage & segment users into qualified leads, and hook them back into future campaigns on & off platform.

    Our digital assets (built on open protocols) are flexible and can be repurposed & reused indefinitely to engage users.

  4. Membership access at events, redeemable vouchers, gated access to exclusive merchandise, digital content, and more.

    Screen showing an Awesimo membership card
    Screen showing an Awesimo membership QR code

What our partners say

Split Season Tickets

Give your best customers tools to find new partners and better manage their season tickets and partners.

Give teams a tool to help retain season ticket holders by helping them find new share partners

Give STHs Draft and Calendar tools to more efficiently distribute tickets to their share partners

Provide a place where STHs and fans buy and sell multiple games at a time with team's oversight

Example of the seating and tickets for a New Orleans Pelicans home game
Example of the seating and tickets for a New Orleans Pelicans home game

The Admission Network

Use your network to sell live event tickets, creating new revenue & customer engagement opportunities.