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The Admission Network

Generate funds for your organization with exclusive entertainment offerings.

The Admission Network is the marketing and promotion arm of Project Admission.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective, innovative ways for companies, organizations, and civic entities to generate new funding streams.

We aim to serve both your organization and your community by providing a consistent, targeted, and verified stream of live entertainment admission offerings.

Project Admission allows my team to create targeted offers and maximize our affiliate revenue while also providing our readers with a one-stop place for all events in the Nashville area.

Josh GilmoreNashville Guru

What we offer

We help businesses and organizations of all sizes and structures to generate revenue and reward their communities through access to local and national events.

Higher revenue per ticket than traditional affiliate model
Fundraising opportunities
Access to data and analytics
Unlimited, customizable Storefronts
Control the available inventory

The Admission Network works with demand partners to create a revenue and data sharing model that is customized to meet each partner’s goals.


  • Earn a commission on each ticket sold to your network
  • Monthly payouts via ACH directly to your bank account
  • Opportunities to promote local and national events
  • Learn more about your community’s interests and buying behavior via our shared data features
  • Easily promote your custom storefront using email and social channels